Smart Life App Widget

Unlock the potential of your Smart Home with our straightforward, step-by-step guide on how to effortlessly set up the Smart Life Widget. This ingenious feature empowers you to control your connected devices with a simple tap, providing unparalleled convenience. Follow these clear instructions to seamlessly install the Smart Life Widget, tailor it to your specific needs, and elevate the intelligence and efficiency of your home.

Explore the possibilities now at and take the first step towards a smarter, more connected living experience.



Make sure you have the Smart Life App installed on your smartphone.


Navigate to your smartphone’s homescreen by swiping the screen left or right. Tap and hold on an empty area of the homescreen to enter the editing mode. This may vary slightly depending on your device model and Android version.


Look for an option like „Widgets“ or „Add Widgets.“ This may differ based on your device model. Tap on it to display the list of available widgets.


Scroll through the list of available widgets until you locate the Smart Life Widget. It might be listed under names like „Smart Life,“ „SmartHome,“ or similar.


Tap and hold the Smart Life Widget you want to place on the homescreen. Drag it to the desired empty area on the homescreen and release.


A popup window will appear, prompting you to select the Smart Life account you want to link with the widget. Choose the relevant account and tap „Next“ or „Confirm.“


After confirming the account, a list of your configured devices or actions in the Smart Life App will be displayed. Select the device or action you want to link with the widget.


Position the widget at the desired location on the homescreen. You can reposition it by tapping and dragging. Once satisfied with the placement, tap „Done“ or „Add“ to set up the widget on the homescreen.


The Smart Life Widget is now available on your homescreen. Depending on the device or action you selected, you can perform specific actions like turning lights on and off, changing colors, or controlling other smart home functions by tapping the widget.