How to use a smart sensor for your light control

Using a sensor and smart devices effectively can help control your home automatically and conveniently. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your sensors and smart devices.


Today we will show you how you can effectively use a PIR sensor to automatically switch on a light as soon as the room is entered. This can help save energy and give you convenient control of your lighting. The PIR sensor detects movement in the room and sends a signal to the Smart Life app to switch on the light. This is done by creating a scene in which the lamp is automatically activated when the PIR sensor detects movement in the room. The lamp is automatically switched off again after a certain time that you set in the scene. We will explain exactly how this works step by step further down in our article.


– Smart PIR sensor
– smart illuminant or luminaire
– All devices connected to the Smart Life app

Start the Smart Life App and create a scene by tapping on „Scene“ at the bottom of the screen.

Select the menu item „Execute“ at the top and tap the „+“ at the top right.

Select the first option „Run“

in the „Then“ line, tap on the „+“ and select „Operate the unit“ and select illuminant or luminaire.

Now select the desired function, in this example the lamp should switch on, so we select „ON/OFF“ and then „ON“.

Important is now the „Timer“ function which must also be added.

Expert trick: the timer only works if whole minutes are set, although the selection is given in seconds. Smallest unit is therefore

60s = 1 minute
180 = 2 minutes

We select 1500s = 25 minutes so that the lamp switches off after 25 minutes.

Expert trick: the timer resets itself as soon as the sensor detects another movement. This is very convenient if someone remains in the room and the light is to remain switched on.

Save the scene under the name „office_on“, for example.

Now we go to Automation in the „Scene“ menu and tap on the „+“ in the top right-hand corner.

„When the device status changes“ and select the PIR sensor

It differs from sensor to sensor what the function for detecting motion is called, here it is called „PIR State“ -> „Motion detected“.

Now select what should happen in the field „Then“, here the created scene is inserted with the function „Select intelligent scene“.

Save and you’re done! Now the sensor activates the lamp which automatically switches off again after 25 minutes without movement.