Getting started

This app is the control center for all of your smart home devices. If a Tuya chip is installed, you can use this app to bundle and control all of your devices together. Find out here how to add a device to the Smart Life App and what basic functions are available.

getting started smart life app

How to create Smart Life account


Download the app and tap Sign Up and carefully read and agree on the User Agreement and Privacy Policy to go to the Register page.


Register an account with an email address. The State/Region field value is automatically specified and can also be manually changed. However, after the account is registered, this field value cannot be changed. Tap Get Verification Code.


Enter the returned verification code to navigate to the password setting page. Set a password as required and tap Done.

Done, Smart Life App ready to make your life smarter!

e hope this article was helpful and provided you with useful insights into the Smart Life App and its features. If you have any further questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website’s contact form. Also, be sure to check out our product portfolio for more great Smart Life compatible devices to enhance your smart home experience. Thank you for reading!