Simulate presence, keep robbers away

You are going on vacation and have a bad feeling to leave your home alone? Many people feel that way. Increase the security by a simple presence simulation to keep supposed burglars away from your belongings. How it works, what you have to set, you can find out here.


The setting is explained here below step by step. The advantage of running it via the new „Routines“ function is that you decide when and how long this routine should run by simply activating/deactivating it. All other scenes and automatisms remain.

Go in your Smart Life App main menu on the button SMART

Go to second option available which says „cosy home“ to enter ENVIRONMENTAL Submenue

Botton right, hit „Routines“

Hit the + (plus) button to create new routine, choose the device and continue

Here in the settings menu many things can be programmed, we first select a time when the device should act, e.g. 20:45.

Then we define what should happen, e.g. the device should be switched on here.

We select ON and tap confirm.

Now we repeat the process and switch between ON and OFF of the device at different times.

The same principle for all other devices that are to be involved in the simulation.

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