5 ideas to make the garden smart

Controlling and monitoring the garden can be tedious, but with the Smart Life app and compatible devices, life can be made easier. There are many ways smart home technology can be used to make the garden a beautiful and relaxing place. In this article, we’ll give you five ideas on how to integrate Smart Life devices into your garden to make life easier and more enjoyable.


Of course, smart home devices and smart life app can also be used to make your garden smarter. Here are 5 ideas how you can integrate smart life devices in your garden


Automated garden watering

Use intelligent irrigation systems to automatically water the garden and save water. For example, the essentials brand offers irrigation computers with one or two outlets that can be connected directly to the water outlet and program an individual watering schedule.


Smart outdoor lighting

Turn your garden lights on or off automatically when you leave the house or come home, or control them from anywhere via the Smart Life app.


Smart weather measurement

Use smart weather stations to monitor weather conditions in the garden and adjust irrigation and lighting systems accordingly. This ensures sufficient watering should the weather turn dry. As soon as it rains, the watering schedule turns off automatically.


Garden surveillance cameras

Monitor your property and plants with smart surveillance cameras that can be controlled from anywhere via the Smart Life app. There are even models that recharge themselves with solar energy and can be used high up in trees or in remote locations (Wi-Fi signal required).


Garden socket

Use smart waterproof sockets in the garden to control your party lighting, preheat the grill or activate your fountain pump.

With these ideas, you can transform your garden into a fully functional smart space with Smart Life outdoor devices. From lighting to irrigation and security, these devices offer a convenient and efficient way to manage your outdoor living. Explore our product recommendations and start creating your ultimate smart garden today!